We strive to do business in a more enlightened way, so we have a few principals around how we do business.

We believe in keeping things simple

We believe accounting should not be any more complicated than absolutely necessary. That’s why we use the simplest online accounting software, produce easy-to-understand financial reports, use plain, jargon-free language and package our services into inclusive, transparent bundles; so there are no extra costs to worry about.

We’re here to help

The quality of our relationships is important to us, so we work with clients who we feel are a good fit. This makes for great relationships. In an age where calls get transferred to the other side of world, we guarantee you will never be told to you are ‘ticket number XYZ, and that ‘someone will get back you within twenty-four hours’. When you sign up with us you will be allocated a dedicated, personal accountant, who will get to know you, become familiar with your business and is on hand to answer your questions swiftly.

We’re here to listen

We are genuinely interested in the success of your business and take the time to learn what is important to you. Not only does this pave the way for a great working relationship, but it also helps us to ensure you make the most of your business opportunities and maximise your tax allowances as your circumstances change.

We’re dedicated to saving you money

Our accounts packages are designed to enable you to keep on track with your finances. We give recommendations on how you can save money and ensure you keep on top of your performance with regular financial reports. Our service is specifically designed to be simple and effective, finding the best and most efficient ways to save money, without you having to do the number crunching.

We collaborate to save you time

We realise most business owners are super-busy, juggling their business and personal lives and need a hassle-free service. Equation enjoy working collaboratively, will endeavour to fit around your busy schedule and find ways to make life, and finance, just a little bit easier.

These include:

Early evening, online appointments
Regular financial reports
24-7 access to your financial records
Transparent pricing structure
Responsive, personable service


We do what we believe…and believe in what we do.



We’re a warm, approachable company who are passionate about what we do. Our knowledge is based on tried and tested accounting principles, combined with the latest technolgy software and a positive attitude to business.



We genuinely get excited about helping people understand their figures and are passionate about what we do. Nothing is more exciting than seeing our clients reach their financial goals.



We have a ‘can-do’ attitude and a flexible approach. We are receptive, open and honest, tempered with confidentiality, compassion, respect and discretion.



We’re not just about profit and productivity, we’re also about people and personalities and recognise that every one of us is unique, with unique challenges and requirements. We believe all people have the ability to reach their potential.



We recognise we are all creative in different ways, and we acknowledge and respect a vast and varied array of talent. We find it is in diversity and in the sharing of our collective knowledge and experience that brings beautiful collaboration and balance to our working together.



We keep our promises, do what we believe is right and work to a high standard to produce accurate results.





We have vision and open minds that seek positive opportunities in technology and change. We use our initiatives to help create growth, wealth and success for our clients through clear thinking and innovation.



We are absolutely convinced it is possible to run a successful business, without treading on anyone’s toes, or chasing the competition. We believe in expansion through good service, technology, keeping true to our word and innovation.



We give support and encouragement to each other, our clients, other businesses, communities and individuals who inspire us to embrace business and life positively, passionately, wholly and wonderfully.



We promote diversity in our staff, clients, business networks and suppliers. We believe all people have equal worth and rights, should be treated fairly, with dignity, kindness, compassion and respect, regardless of age, marital status, disability, race, faith, gender, language, social or economic background.



We take responsibility for our effect on the environment and are committed to minimising our impact on the planet. Being on the south coast, we particularly love the ocean and support the Marine Conservation Society to help preserve all things oceanic, near and far. It all matters to our continued life on earth



As a Company, equation values; respect, honesty, integrity, courtesy, openness, transparency and clear communication. This is how we work and how we like to work with others. We accept appointments with clients who share our common values and who demonstrate these values in our working together. We’re nice, friendly people and our clients are the same.

 “If you’re going to do something, do it with all your passion”

Stephanie Pettitt

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