Freelancer Tax Tips

Apportion dividend income with spouse / partner if close to higher rates If your “income” is £70,000 and your partner earns £15,000 per annum, then by allocating shares and a dividend to them, [...]

Child Care Vouchers Update

The government have confirmed the closure of Childcare Vouchers to new applicants from 4th October 2018. Existing Scheme Members To be recognised as an ‘existing scheme member’, vouchers must be [...]

What expenses can I claim?

Freelancer Expenses Guide Accommodation Hotels + Bed & Breakfasts Personal Incidental Expenses Renting Accommodation Staying with Friends or Colleagues Bicycle expenses Broadband Internet [...]

Eye Tests

Can I purchase eye tests and glasses through my Limited Company? If you are a Director of a Limited Company and spend time each day working with a screen, you may be wondering if eye tests are an [...]

Lease or buy a car?

Is it more tax efficient to buy or lease a car through my company, buy privately or use the mileage allowance? The key factors are: Lease or buy Business or personal CO2 emissions of car Personal [...]

The Dividend Tax

A new tax charge of 7.5% on dividends has been introduced from April 2016. How does this change affect you? The new rules allow you to receive £5,000 of dividends free of tax, but any dividends [...]

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